samoa / animal balance


    “we must intimately connect with and love other animals, other humans, all    environments if we are to continue to live with grace and in harmony on this wondrous and interconnected planet”


We were very honored to be volunteers on the Animal Balance team, which took a trip to the Samoan Islands to trap/neuter/release semi and feral dogs. American Samoa and Western Samoa have a serious stray dogs over-population problem. The campaign goal was to provide efficient and compassionate veterinary care combined with an effort to sterilize the dogs in MASH-style clinics. Our job was to capture and humane handling the stray dogs. During the three-week campaign more than a 1,600 dogs were treated!!!


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It was an incredible journey. Being able to spend time observing dog behavior in different situations, watching the feral dog packs interacting and playing at the beach, studying animal behavior in nature and their relationships with each other and with humans were all amazing experiences. As trainers, behaviorists and animal lovers we were very thankful to have the opportunity to gain wisdom and experience from a Samoan Dog Connection!!!

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