Doggie Group Camp

Socialization and frequent exposure to strange people, new places, dogs, animals, objects, environments and things is essential to a well behaved dog. Frequent exposure at a level that the dog can handle will help the dog get used to new things faster and prevent fear and aggression issues in the future. This process should begin as soon as the puppy is born, and the first year of life, particularly from 4-16 weeks, is the most critical time to work on this. Even if your dog has an agreeable personality and has been well socialized in the past, daily exposure to new things or environments will help channel some of his physical and mental energy and make him/her a more stable dog.

We have developed our Doggie Group Camp in response to the needs of some of our clients.  As far as socialization goes, it is better to be proactive, but many owners today don’t have the time or resources for this kind of work. We have developed our Dog Connection Doggie Group Camp with the idea of giving our dogs LOTS of exposure in a safe and controlled environment, under close and expert supervision, in the least amount of time. Our campers will be exposed to other dogs, people, and environments by visiting public dog-friendly places. They will also get lots of supervised social time with other dogs at our home, and will have specialized, one-on-one training time to work on manners and advance the obedience your dog already have.

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Camp will be offered once a week for 4 weeks (the actual dates will be confirm ahead of time and there will be some weeks off in between sessions)  and will have three main activities:

  • Outdoor Adventures – field-trips to public areas and new places with fun activities for your dog to try.
  • Social Romps – supervised free play time at our boarding camp, where your dog will have time to play with fellow campers and meet new dogs staying at our boarding camp.
  • Manners Sessions – our sessions will cover introduction to grooming and handling, object exchanges to prevent guarding, and of course basic manners like sit, down, recalls, stays and walking on a loose leash.
  • Training sessions  with our  Professional Dog Trainers and will be tailored to the needs of your dog.

How Camp Works:

Our Doggie Group Camp is once a week. Campers must arrive at camp by 9.00 am each morning, and will be ready to go home after 3 pm each day. Campers can be dropped off at our Boarding Camp (150 SW 19 Road, Miami, FL 33129) between 7 am & 9.30 am, and picked up there around 3-4 pm. We can also pick-up and drop-off your pup for an additional charge ($20 pick-up – $20 drop off). Please note that our fieldtrips start promptly at 10 am, so we can get the most out of our day and avoid the heavy heat, so dogs MUST be dropped off on time.

We will have many Camp Counselors to supervise your puppy’s activities: Paulina and Ludovic will be traveling with your pups on field trips.


4 Session Package:    $440  ($110 / camp session) * does NOT include Pick-up & Delivery

Pick Up & Delivery:  $40 per camp session

Additional:  $15 will be add when we rent Agility Facilities. (FreeSpirit or Paws in Motion) to cover some of the expenses of doing this specially during summer that we go more frequently to avoid as much as we can the heat.

Because of the nature of this program, and the planning and coordination involved, we must book our campers ahead of time. Drop-ins will not be accepted, and payment for each package must be made in full before sessions start.

What You Will Need to Provide:

  • Proof of Current Vaccinations
  • Signed Camp Agreement
  • Package Payment
  • Leash & Collar with rabies tag
  • Happy Dog 🙂
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