NEW Doggie Adventure Camp!

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Dear Friends,

We are currently on our 6th weekly session of our Fall Doggie Camp and it has been quite a success. Our campers have enjoyed a lot of training and exposure to many new experiences. They’ve made lots of new friends and have learned to behave well around other dogs and people and in busy public places. That’s what Doggie Camp is all about! Fall Camp has been such a success, in fact, that we are considering adding another group for those puppies and small dogs that missed out on this Fall session. Clients have seen pictures of camp on our Blog or have heard from friends and have expressed interest in the program but since the current group is full, we are evaluating the option of this new session.

This new session would be Wednesdays, starting on November 16. Camp is once a week, and campers stay with us from around 9am to 4pm going on field trips and practicing their manners. They also have supervised play time for socialization. The five sessions would go until December 14.

Camp typically goes rain or shine, so you can plan on the pups spending every Wednesday with us through December 14th.  Please go to our website to see pictures of some our campers on the Doggie Camp page or at our weekly Blog (News). Its likely that this Camp Session will be specially geared towards young dogs and small breeds, so if you have any friends with pups or small dogs that might be interested, please feel free to share this email with them.

Camp is a tremendous socialization opportunity, and is wonderful for puppies that need to meet the outside world, dogs of all ages that need to learn to deal with new and strange environments, and of course, for those dogs that are in need of a fun social activity that will provide lots of fun mental and physical stimulation – with lots of training to round it all up!!! Its also a great way to supplement your training programs, if your dog is already working with us in private in-home sessions.

Camp will be $450 for 5 sessions which is the same as our regular in-home training sessions, but includes so much more!!!  We will need to have confirmation of campers by Wednesday November 9th, so we can make the necessary plans and preparations.  Spaces are limited, so please contact us as soon as possible to reserve space for your dog!

As soon as we receive confirmation, you will be sent an email with our Camp Registration form, so you can fill out and send with your payment at your earliest convenience.

In case you’d like to know more about our camp sessions or send the camp information along to your friends – here’s the link for our Doggie Camp:


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