Fall Camp #7 Agility & Training Fun

For this camp session we visited Paws in Motion’s agility training facility once again.  For many of our campers, Paws in Motion has quickly become a favorite field trip location, and they have advanced in their agility training quite nicely.  Some have started to master the Teeter Totter, DogWalk and Weavepoles which are quite advanced obstacles.  For some of our campers, like Bo and Sofia, we can easily say that Agility can be counted among their favorite camp activities – they definitely seem to be naturals at it!  For our newest campers, this was an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the equipment and learn to use their bodies. Its amazing to see some of our Giant Breed campers like Tiny, Branson, Kitty and Petta, learn to use their bodies and navigate the different pieces of equipment.  Agility definitely helps teach them confidence and coordination!

The Paws In Motion facility is very nice and air conditioned, plus it offers a safe enclosed space for the dogs to play and romp.  We decided to not only take advantage of the agility equipment, but also take the time to practice some manners and obedience training with the whole group of campers at once.  We also took short one-on-one training breaks with each dog to work on specific issues that were unique to them.  It was a wonderful and educational day.  After all that training, the pups had a chance to play and socialize with each other.  We decided to separate them into different groups, so we could work with them during the play sessions.  A very important lesson for every dog, is to be able to respond to commands, even under high levels of arousal, and what is more arousing than playing with their fellow campers? We made sure to let them romp and wrestle, then step in and call them off to practice some sits, and downs, to make sure they could respond and lower their arousal levels.

All in all, a wonderful fun filled day!  I think you will all enjoy the pictures and videos that Paulina has prepared.  Finally, we would like to thank Tracy Hannah from Paws in Motion for allowing us use of her wonderful facility and equipment – Camp certainly wouldn’t be the same without it!!!

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  1. That looks super super great. The dog seems to enjoy the camp and the handlers seems to enjoy too. Good luck and keep the great job.

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