Dog Connection Adventure Camp Homework – Sit


For teaching your dog a new trick, its always a good idea to remember “SAY IT – SHOW IT – PAY IT”.  Say your cue word or command, what you want your dog to do.  Show them what you want them to do by luring at first, or helping them into position.  Pay your dog with a treat, a pet and lots of praise for doing what you asked.

1. Start by using treats to lure your dog to move their head up and back. When the head moves up, the rear comes down.  Praise and reward when the rear touches the ground.

2. When your dog is offering to “Sit” consistently when you lure with the treats, start naming the behavior.  Say “Sit”, then show the treat and praise and reward when they do.

3. Now without the treats in hand, give your “SIT” command. You can use similar hand motions to those you used when luring the sit.  When your dog sits, praise and reward, then give your “OK” before they move out of position.

4. At this point, you want to introduce a release word like “OK” or “FREE” which will signify to your dog that they can get out of the position and move freely.

5. Start teaching your dog to stay in position for longer and longer time, by giving more than one treat in succession before giving the “OK”.  If your dog moves before the “OK”, help them back into position but wait a few seconds before you reward again or give your “OK”

6. As your dog understands the game, wait longer between treats and move around and add distractions.  Always make sure your dog is being successful and make the exercise easier if they are having trouble at some point.  Pretty soon you’ll have a dog with a happy and reliable “Sit-Stay”.

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