As some of you know, this new camp was a last minute thing. It all started with some of you asking for the next camp over and over  🙂 (thank you!)  So, Monday we decided to do an express camp! We were thinking yesterday ‘how should we named  this camp?’……..we did not want to continue with the winter season, but maybe by spring we can return to that theme……
One of the things we believe and wrote in the 2011 photo album was:
“we all know that dogs can be our very best friend. they can also be one another’s best friend”.
Today we started the friendship camp and let us tell you that all your dogs were happy to be back and to say hi to their old friends!
We want to welcome Maddie (PWD), and even that this is her first camp, she knew some doggy campers from before and she stayed next to them as you can see in the first picture. 

Next week is Valentine day, and in Mexico, February 14 is : El dia del amor y la amistad. (Love and friendship day!)

So, we want to thank you all for letting us share this interspecie friendship, We are very fortune !!

We are also sure, that with the bad weather you are very happy that your dogs are tired and content after the long good day at camp!!

Until next week!!
Paulina & Ludovic
{We apologized t0 those campers that we did not have time to invite but we were having problem with the pick up logistic. We hope to have you back soon! We miss you !! (Branson, Scout, Bella, Straya and Tiny).  The good news is that since now on we will have new short camps every month as they are other students that want to be part  !! }.

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