Friendship Camp # 3

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What an amazing camp day!

We had a whole day full of activities. We started with some appropriate greeting behavior as the dogs arrived to our place. We can see the big smiles and wagging tails as they were coming inside.

What’s not to love about our dog’s greeting dance when they come through the door ?

The ones that were pushy are controlling better their self and they ones that were timid are not keeping their distance and camp by camp are getting more self confidents.

We focus our 100% of attention to be sure that their greeting behaviors are appropriately, that their social skills are improving after each camp and that is a crucial aspect of a well manner dog in many situations and contexts.

Our first field trip of the day was at Bark Park at south beach. We love this park full of water and shade. It was very busy so we were lucky to have an extra social time with dogs and humans that were not part of the dog connection pack!

We had some amazing obedience training also! At some point we had all the campers in a down-stay position while the rest of the dogs in the park and people continue their activities! We had some dogs that came to check it out and even a man was playing fetch with his dog right in-front of our noses!! WOW!! That was incredible and we are very proud of all your dogs!!!

After the playing – fun – run – chase – get wet break we had a last obedience session one by one near to the people, kids and of course the free dogs!. Some dogs are more reactive when they are on leash so it is important to train with and without it.

Finally we divided the group in two and we went to Lincoln Road. South Beach was a ZOO! (more than usual) as it was the food and wine festival event so there were tons of people! We did some walking with the dogs between people, noises, dogs, bicycles, security, construction sites, etc. Then we settle down first for a tea at starbucks with group one and then with group two we had lunch in a pizza place.

It is really important that the dogs understand that there is not always action! and that they need to be calm and under control when it is needed. Also, that they do not become “possessive” and reactive while they stay long in the same spot. How many times do you see dogs barking and lunging when they owners are sitting in a restaurant?

So a whole day of activities and learning while having fun! That’s what camp is all about it!!

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