Spring Camp # 2 One & One Clicker Training

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What a beautiful day to train at the park near to the water, with the wind refreshing everybody while some of the dog’s ear were waving like flags !

Today was one and one clicker training. Beside reviewing and advancing the obedience that each dog already has we also teached them a new command: leave it!

The “leave it” command is a very important communication to teach to your dog. It will help them learn what is inappropriate to chew, and it may keep them from eating something harmful or toxic. You will be surprised how often you will find yourself saying this command! The goal of the command “leave it” is to to bring your  dog’s attention back to you, away from any object (food, cat, skateboard, etc) that attracts him/her, so you can reward her/him.

Learning something new is always challenging and fun. We will continue work in the command in a more advance level.

After the hard work at school, time to play!!!

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  1. Hola Pau!!! Admirando tus bellezas….tenemos un nuevo integrante…VALENTINO ROSSI (TINO MONOY pa;los amigos) un VISZLA de 3 meses….que nos hace reir mucho….te mando un besote desde Buenos Aires….Pichuchi Pachulina.

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