SOBE here we go: Spring Camp # 3

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Finally we made it to Ocean Drive. We had been thinking to add this place to our camp’s adventures and today we did it and for sure this will be a must to return place.

Not only we had so much fun strolling up and down the road at the cafes and restaurants full of people, tables, waitress, music, food, but also  we walked along the beach side  full of runners, skateboards, bicycles, motorcycles, rollerblades, baby-strolls, other dogs and all type of people – perfect scenario for a perfect dog training and socialization camp day!

We had an intensive practice on “heeling” in group and we squeezed between the people and tables making our campers to deal with small spaces without being reactive. We also had our moments of  “pet the doggies”  🙂 and reviewed  the obedience basics down and sit stay while the bicycles were passing by. We  “had a break” so your dogs needed to squeezed once again but now under the table while we drank an ice tea!

Lovely day!

And all your dogs did fantastic!! Each on their on level and with their own challenges.

Finally we returned home and we had an extra hour of free-playing time!!

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