happy camp # 2 “Doggy Beach and Dock Jumping”

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Who said we can not have a “Happy Wet Camp” and more when the campers have a whole Lake for themselves !

We were planning to come to this fantastic place since last week but we needed to postpone because of the ‘bad weather’ … haha how little did we know…! But the truth is that we finally had an awesome day at Performance Pup Center (www.performancepupsinc.com), Thanks Sally and Neil to make it possible!

All the campers enjoyed running and  swimming and some were brave enough to jump off  the dock. No restrictions – free to play and explore. The entirely place for us and we took advantage of that!

Of course, they did not know that we were observing and taking notes of their behavior and interaction with the rest of the pack as they were feeling complete by their own spirit. Well, with a couple “Comes” here and there but overall we were a very cool group enjoying our time together.

Time flew and we knew that this place will be one of the Top Ten to repeat in future camps.

So around 2pm we packed up the pack and we went to another park for our formal training session. Beautiful park full of shade . A perfect spot to practice and advance our obedience…. drop ding dang drop one, two, drops of water. ” the sky is a little bit gray, don’t worry, will not rain hard…… run !!   run!!! “.  we got really wet!!

We are sure that all our four legged friends are still laughing at us, like when you are a child and ready to have your lesson after a really really fun break and suddenly surprise! there is no class!!! Happy Camp!!

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