Training – real life – training – real life…..

and a beautiful day @ the beach!!

Clicker training = fun!!

dog connection doggie camp = super fun !!!

Recipe to make it :

14 happy doggie campers (sassy, casper, delilah, lucy, kitty, sadie, peta, bo, sofia, maddie, buddie, pancho, anubis & coco)
5  happy trainers (ludovic, gustavo, hector, nikki & paulina)
1 van and 2 suvs

2 gopro cameras
1 waterproof camera
1 point and shoot camera (i did not bring my real one!!  🙂 (excuse the quality!))

1 beautiful beach
5 clickers
And many treats & tons of smiles and wagging tails!!!

Train is beautiful but to be able to apply the training into real life is even more beautiful and that is our goal. We want our campers to enjoy freedom because they know how to behave….each one has their  level  and challenge but we will continue to improve how they behave  and at the same time we are ALL going to have so much fun!!  (thank you!!)

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  1. OMG! Miss you all so much! That Sassy is…well…sassy!! Loved this video. Ludo of course was the star early in the game :o)!!!

  2. What fun! One of the best shots was towards the last with the little black dog after getting a nice bath at home! Ah, what a day! Linda

    • Hi Linda, thanks for see and share. It was fun, an Sassy was great….first swimming in the air and then being at the dog connection spa! It really was a great day!!

  3. Bravo on the video production and on all the campers’ and trainers’ performances!! I want to come back in my next life not as a dolphin but as a dog and attend your camp!

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