Le Petit Camp @ Ocean Drive

Our Petit Campers have new friends!

They met Pablo. (LUlu’s family who came from California !) and they also met Clementine and Julian (LUdovic’s family who just arrived from France!). This is really great as our campers continuously enrich their life with new and positive experience around more dogs and humans.

We wanted to show our guests around and what a better place than Ocean Drive!! Everything there is perfect not only  to enjoy but  for training purposes.

On one side we have a nice grass open space, with a beautiful breeze and the smell of the sea. Not only great for connecting with nature but for doing some obedience training with as many distractions as you can imagine: bicycles, roller blades, other dogs, joggers, kids, strollers, scooters, etc

On the other side the restaurants, waiters, music, tables, reduce spaces to walk by.

Intense but at the same time  fun!   That is all about our Doggie Camp, to learn and to socialize but with a lot of wagging tails!

Posted on November 14, 2012, in News. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. kinaumkk33@aol.com

    So fun to watch!!! We loved it :o) Thank you again for the cute video :o) Hope your family enjoyed Ocean Drive

  2. Wow !!! one of your best videos…love the low shot perspective focusing more on the dogs
    Looks like your campers had a fun day

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