Les Petites Campers at South Point

I wish we could write english better so we would be able to share with you more of our thoughts, knowledge and feeling about your dogs…..

That’s also part of why we like to share the little videos of the camp day…. so you are able to absorb fragments of your dog’s day.

Now, knowing that what you are going to read is not correctly spell and-or the grammar is bad,  we hope that we can transmit the whole idea….

Sometime we forgot to tune in with our dogs, our environment even with ourselves…

A couple weeks ago we went to South Point with our other camp group and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to return with our petit campers. The park is sooo beautiful. Really. There is so much to do  and discover. So many little hills, roads, nature, water, etc… and part of that ” etc ” it is what i am trying to explain here….

Last camp, we were doing a down stay with our older more experience campers while a very noise boat pass by…. for a moment everybody stop, even Ludovic, and turn their head to the boat and after  that they continue with the exercise

( you can see that moment perfectly in the video~


~… i even took the music out of that part so the owners could hear the noise with what their dogs where working with… ).

Anyway, with some of our Petit Campers that similar noise was a little bit overwhelming….they are younger and less experience… .. Or maybe more sensible to the noise….or some of them were rescue and they associate that type of noise with a bad experience in the past?

Our job is to understand that and to work to desensitize them to that specify stimuli and maybe even do a different association: a more pleasant one.

If we, as trainers, are aware of our environment all the time, this time we were super focus with all the noises around us. And even we cannot put our ears in your dogs ears at least we try to put our feet in their paws.

“We are visual animals. There’s barely a challenge for second either: audition is part of nearly every experience we have. Olfaction and touch might duke it out for third,a  and taste runts a distant fifth…. If we notice something unusual or unexpected, we turn to examine with our eyes.      The order of operations is turned upside-down for dogs.Given the olfactory acuity of dogs, it makes sense that vision plays an accessory role.”

“By natural design, dogs’ ears have evolved to hear certain kinds of sounds. Our auditory range is from 20 herts to 20 kilohertz … Dogs can detect up to 45 kilohertz, much higher that the hair cells of our ears bother to bend to…”.(Inside of a Dog. Alexandra Horowitz)

The more we come to understand our dogs,

the more we will appreciate them

as the amazing beings they are.

We had a nice camp. We know your dogs better. We were able to train around the stimulus,

we grow as a pack, we tune in!

We want to thank Zura, our good friend, dog trainer and photographer to help us. And of course to her “petites humans”; her beautiful daughter Lien (3) to help us with the training and socialization of our campers and to Robyn (9mo) who patiently was with her mom while she help us with the video. Gracias ZuZu !

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  1. so good to see the dogs enjoy camp and to interact with themselves the trainers and the possibility a huge environment with great discipline

  2. Was a joy to watch and I appreciate what you have to say…I love to learn about our dogs 🙂

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