Camp at The Webers !!

HUGE thank  to The Weber Family –  specially to Joan, Bo and Sofia’s ‘grand mother” –  for having us  for a fun filled day at their home and swimming in their pool. We are really grateful for your hospitality and lucky to have such a wonderful place to do different activities with our campers!

We also had an intensive one on one training session that finish with some playing –  bonding time.

We divided our day in three little sample videos of your dogs working and having fun.

Please do not forget to play and… yes, do some training too!  🙂


Pancho, Mason, Delilah, Rio & Buddy


Sophia, Bo, Snoopy, Maddie & Lulu


Peta, Sadie, Kitty & Lucy


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  1. Buddy is so happy when he is at camp!! He loves to be with the other dogs and he comes home relaxed and much more obedient. Paulina and Ludovic, you are doing a great job!!

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