En sus marcas. Listos. GO!!!

Challenge can be equal as fun .

Challenge can encourage growing.

And we did!

We had fun and we advance our obedience and control….

Not always easy when you are all excited at the start line getting ready and you have to focus on your team but there are 4 others competitor’s teams ready to run, jump and zoom into the tunnel …..yay!!!!

Wikipedia: A team comprises a group of people or animal  linked in a common purpose…


Dog connection:  A team: human+ dog able to be connected and ready for the action.

and even it did not go perfect, it went pretty good !!

For develop and learning  it is necessary to achieve goals gradually and that is part of our purpose during the camps.

We want to thanks Chris. Freespirit had become a classic, a most, a top on our camps activity list. It give us so many options for recreation, learning, games, fun, training, etc.

Also we want to thanks “papa” (Nikki’s dad). Who not only loves dogs, but seems to like our “big team” and help us with everything beside the socialization. He did all the video and photos so we could all be at the Big Competition!   🙂

And finally and most important, we want to Thank YOU for being the best friend of your dog.



Posted on April 4, 2013, in News. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Glad to see Emily keeping up with the big boys and girls. It’s freezing in Natchez Mississippi !

    • Emily did great! and Lulu was very happy to have a fellow petit camper around! They were the best friends! I am glad she is coming next week too!! She is fast!!!

  2. Hi to everyone !
    It is always geat to see what is happening in the doggie fun world-almost as good as being there-and I love the music. Megan has been keeping me up to date on your adventures. Joan

    • Hi Joan,
      Very nice to hear from you! I am happy that you are following the adventure of your grand-doggies Bo and Sophia and their friends! Looking forward to see you next time that you are on town. All the best,
      Dog Connection Team

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