Le Grand Camp: Welcome Rolf !

Very frequently we heard that after camp your dogs arrive home happy & tired. We are happy and tired too, so there is not a surprise!

But when this wednesday someone told me that their dog was really tired, i said, really? i do not think this was an extreme busy camp day…. Hahahaha, i laughed after i started to do the little video, of course they should be tired, it was a non-stop activity day, full of training, playing, running, exercises, obedience, noises, places…… It really was like a doggie marathon !  🙂

Welcome Rolf! You behaved like a German S. “Gentledog” and keep up with the campers rhythm who were very excited to have a new friend! We are happy to have you as a new member in our dog connection family!

Posted on May 17, 2013, in News. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Very relevant… urban dog training. I always like to see the dogs sitting in a group… cool, calm and collected, and then running to you as you call to them. The dogs, the trainers, and the photography are terrific. I liked one of the last shots… very low in the grass looking into the distance… very artsy. Also, the last photo of the two dogs crossing paws was cool. It looks like everyone had a terrific day, doing interesting things in different venues.Thanks for the show.

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