Le Petit Camp: playing with Gizmo “our sweet rescued friend”.

Meeting new friends enriches the dynamics of the camp as our dogs have the opportunity to practice their greetings and play behaviors, as well as their manners  and obedience with new members.
This time we were lucky to share our day with two lovely new Petits friends: Arnold who is in intensive training with us and Gizmo who was rescued from the streets a few months ago and is being fostered by Nikki.
Nikki has been a fantastic foster over the years opening her home up to several dogs in need giving them the love, care & guidance they need to find their forever home.
Gizmo is in the process of finding her forever home  (if she has not already found it with Nikki!) and being with Nikki  and coming “to school” will help her to become a well behaved dog.
We want to thank our Petit Campers for welcoming Gizmo as their new friend and for helping her with socialization and training!

Thanks Nikki, it is great to have someone with your heart and dedication in our Dog Connection Family!


Posted on June 12, 2013, in News. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. kinaumkk33@aol.com

    sooo sweet 🙂

  2. Gizmo seems to already be one of the group. Special kudos to the trainers and photographers when the dogs were perched on the concrete balls (on Lincoln Road?)… very cute. I also like lunch for the trainers with the dogs respecting the fact that it is the trainer’s food and not theirs.
    Happy camping!

  3. Isabel {Pachus) Block

    Como extraño esos paseos!!! Wonderful video!!! Wish I could play with Gyzmo as well!!! Much love from BA…

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