Le Petit Camp – Agility


Welcome Shayna, Tika and Beatty to our agility pack !

We had mention before all the benefits of spending our camp day at FreeSpirit but for those new campers here some resume!

Agility gives the dogs confidence and help them be more sure about themselves when they learn a new obstacle,  jump, climb or run into a tunnel. They are learning to use their body and to overcome their fears.

This activity always help us to bond with our campers and develop a relationship based on trust. It is nice to see how they look at us like they were saying : “are you really sure i am going  up and down in that stuff ? “ And yes, we do it together!! Each dog is different so we take our time to make them feel comfortable and to success with exercise.

It is amazing to observe  how all the dogs improve their skills each time that we do agility and they seem to think is super fun!!

It is an experience that we share and enjoy and added bonus is that it makes their obedience training better and they Love It!!

And on top of all that we also have the whole fence land that allow them to run and enjoy playing with their fellow campers while their Spirit is Free!!

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  1. So cute! Shayna was so cute to watch!

  2. Boy those trainers are really agile!!!

  3. As usual, wonderful video. Not sure who’s having more fun, the trainers or the dogs! Dude and Diva miss their friends :o(….but not for long! Dog Connections camps are the best fun and besides that, the dogs are learning new skills and making new friends too! Love all of you guys! Mama D

  4. Blalock is so happy to be back-especially free play scenes- thank you all again –new campers so friendly w/the bunch too(Ludovic no matter what/where–he keeps an eye on you!) best, RT

  5. Norma Gordon and Shayna

    Shayna gets excited as soon as we turn onto 1st Ave. She loves camp, her new friends, and
    of course the trainers. She is exausted and falls asleep as soon as we get in the house.
    Thank you !!!

    • Thanks Norma. Shayna is doing her best to catch up with the obedience and she has so much fun when play time ! We love having her as part of our dog connection family!

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