Halloween Camp & Les Petits !

Hats, witches, ghosts and monsters.
Balloons, spiders and countless distractions in this almost Halloween day !!

Today was a wonderful opportunity to really challenge our dogs socialization and expose them to some crazy things. Of course we figured things wouldn’t be complete without dressing up the dogs too! Halloween is about costumes after all

Our main goals were:

1. To get dogs used to people wearing funny hats, costumes, walking and moving funny and not to react to these things.

2. We also had some strange objects lying around the yard which is pretty common for this time of year and a good practice for all the upcoming Holiday decorations.

3. Dressing up the dogs exposes them to being handled and having strange things wrapped around them. Most dogs will see a bandage or medical collar at some point in their lives, so exposure is a good idea. Being able to touch your dog all over and have strangers be able to do it is important for their well being. Seeing their fellow campers dressed up and tolerating it is also a wonderful lesson in socialization!

4. Have fun!!! It was important to get the dogs to enjoy this time – we wanted the positive associations! – but of course WE had a blast making fun of each other and role playing right alongside our campers!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! Please remember to keep your dogs away from candy as it can be VERY dangerous to them and keep an eye on your dog’s body language to make sure he’s comfortable and not nervous, scared or overwhlemed with the celebrations. If you can not supervise him-her then a nice rest in their room or crate with a fun bone or toy away from the costumes and tric-or-treaters might be a better idea of fun for them!

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  1. Oh my. This is definitely one of your best!!! The dogs are being so well trained to sit and ignore others who bike, walk, or run past (even with their own dogs)… and then to even ignore “someone” doing a cartwheel in front of them. It looked a little like Paulina, but who knows…there may have been a circus traveling through town and one of their clowns took the day off. The final photos of dogs in masks were a perfect end to a perfect video!! Voila

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