Le Petit Camp 2014 !

Happy New Doggie Camp 2014 !!!

Welcome Zoe, Max and  Bear to our Dog Connection Family !!

The day started with so many happy wag tails greeting each other and us… “we all know that dogs can be our very best friend. They can also be one another’s best friend” and today we saw again how all the dogs were happy to see their buddies after the long holiday !

The new ones keep up with the campers rhythm who were very excited to have new friends.

We had a good day full of excercise, play, train and socialization !

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  1. YAY!!! when I picked up Amber, she jumped up into my SUV. I usually need to pick her up and put her in the car.
    Also, as soon as we got home, as we were walking I noticed she was prancing and she was holding her head up so high. I felt as if she was so proud of herself. It was so cute!
    She basically was passed out all night! LOL

  2. My D’s looked like they were having so much fun! Love the pix of Dude running and Diva was even getting into the action more! The picture of all the dogs on one side of the glass door and the baby stroller on the other is priceless. Can’t wait to see my babies on Friday. Have missed you all and a big thank you for taking such good care of them! Hugs and kisses to them both. Mama Dana

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