Le Petit Halloween Camp


With Halloween right around the corner, we thought it would be nice to do something to celebrate with our Campers.

Dressing up the dogs exposes them to being handled and having strange things wrapped around them. Most dogs will see a bandage or medical collar at some point in their lives, so exposure is a good idea. Being able to touch your dog all over and have others be able to do it is important for their well being. Seeing their fellow campers dressed up and tolerating it is also a wonderful lesson in socialization!

Have fun!!! It was important to get the dogs to enjoy this time – we wanted the positive associations!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! Please remember to keep your dogs away from candy as it can be VERY dangerous to them and keep an eye on your dog’s body language to make sure he’s comfortable and not nervous, scared or overwhlemed with the celebrations. If you cannot supervise him-her then a nice rest in their room or crate with a fun bone or toy away from the costumes and tric-or-treaters might be a better idea of fun for them!

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