Our Team



INES was born in the North of Spain, she spend a lot of hours in the mountains with all kind of different animals but  she was specially in love with the dogs and their behavior so Ines started her studies since very young age. The fist certification she had was at the Veterinarian Centre of studies in Barcelona where she learned psychology and conduct modification of dogs. In the same years she studied en the Real Association of Professional Dog Training how to modify aggression, fears and phobias in dogs. She volunteer en a shelter helping people to chose the right dog for them depending of their lifestyle and with this same passion for dogs and people she was part of CETAC where she learn how to train dogs for children with special needs. She also studied in the University of Barcelona, Master of Instruction for K9 working units and was part of the K9 rescued team.

Ines loves to help other people to understand their dogs.

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