Lets hear it for our Summer Camp 2011 Graduate Class!!!!

With mixed feelings but proud hearts, The Dog Connection Team is happy to announce the conclusion of our first Summer Camp Session, and would like to congratulate our first Class of Campers for their wonderful behavior during camp.  These puppies did it all, from training in Dog Agility, to working their obedience in busy Kennedy Park, to shopping at Metta, Lunch at fancy restaurants and assisting to a special pool party at Bo & Sofia’s home.  All while demonstrating perfect manners and showing everyone what excellent company an obedient dog provides!!!! A HUGE Thank You goes out to the owners of Kitty the Mastiff, Sofia & Bo the Portugese Water Dog Siblings, Scout the Yellow Lab, Pancho the Chocolate Lab, Lucky the Pug, Branson the German Shepherd, Diva & Dude the Cocker-Poodle Twins, Sasy the Mini Poodle, Casper the Weinmaraner and Delilah the Boxer for trusting us with these very special members of their families!  It was a pleasure to spend time with these guys, take them to new and exciting places and see their happy faces when they tried something new!!!!  We hope to have many Dog Connection Camps to come, but this first class will forever be special!!! Thanks for joining us in this new and exciting program – we are looking forward to seeing everyone on the next one!  We would also like to thank the businesses and facilities that welcomed us and this crowd of dogs into their space with a smile on their face and often water bowls for each Camper – we are very proud to say there is still costumer service in Miami 🙂

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