Dogs: The Incredible Dogs Show

During the month of October the Dog Connection Team will be part of “Dogs: The Incredible Dogs Show” which will be presenting in Miami under a big top tent at Bicentenial Park from Septemeber 28th thru October 23rd.  The show brings together several dog sports and entertainment spectacles to promote dog adoption and abuse prevention.  Sheyla has been part of the show since its inception in Puerto Rico in 2009 with her Border Collie Chill and Pug Minnie, and now that it’s coming to Miami, Ludovic and Paulina will be joining the Agility Teams with their Belgian Malinios Cronos.


Here’s the video promo for the show, from when it was held in Puerto Rico in 2009:


Since then, they have presented the show in Santo Domingo, Venezuela, Mexico and twice more in PR!!!!

If you’d like to see more information on the show you can visit their website at:

We are all looking forward to this fun adventure with our dogs!!!!

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