Good Morning Pack!


The 4th session for camp was SUPER fun!!! Its amazing how much progress we can see in our campers in such a short time – particularly in those that seemed a bit insecure initially or were too distracted by new things to concentrate!

As campers arrived in the morning, they enjoyed some play time and a chance to do their business before going in the house. We then did a more structured play time, separating campers into 4 different groups that would be assigned to a specific handlers. The idea was to “test” the dogs working together and with a specific Camp Counselor in a familiar setting, since later we would be asking them to walk and respond to commands closely together. We had a back-up counselor in each training group to help, and we put the dogs through some of their obedience behaviors like stays and recalls. This allowed us to have one of us free to take pictures of the campers at play 🙂 the main purpose was to mix dogs and get them comfortable with each other. We were able to get all dogs together to start off the day and finish it. An excellent practice for our field trip!

The pictures probably don’t do it justice, but its really impressive, and lots of fun for us as expectators, to see 14 dogs of very different breeds, sizes and personalities play and romp together!!!!

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