Well Trained Working Dogs :-) – updated with video

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Yesterday, Sheyla Gutiérrez from the Dog Connection training team was in St. Petersburg, FL filming a commercial with three of her dogs: Minnie the Pug, Fanta the 9 month old Border Collie, and her “borrowed dog” Dealer the 9 year old Border Collie.  For Dealer, who’s owned by her friend Annette Alfonso, TV work and even movie work is a fairly common thing, but though Minnie had been on TV shows before, this was her first time working in a commercial.  For baby Fanta, this was her first job ever and a chance to show off some of her tricks and test how her training is coming along.  All dogs did remarkably well.  They had to drive more than 5 hours to get to St. Petersburg, stay at the Hilton Hotel there, then wait in their soft crates (quietly) for their turn during the day.   The filming was done in a Park setting, and then inside a house.  The park was full of joggers and people, and of course distractions.  The house was pretty crowded with people and equipment.  The dogs had several different behaviors to perform within these distractions, with Sheyla standing outside behind the camera.  Minnie got the best deal, as one of her scenes involved licking peanut butter off of the lead character’s face!  Dealer had to walk nicely on leash, while Fanta got to “play dead”.  All scenes were finished on time and according to the director’s wishes. This was only possible thanks to the dog’s training!  Everyone had a great time and the dogs got a lot of attention from crew and cast alike.  All in all, another memorable experience thanks to well trained working dogs 🙂

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