Dog Connection Homework – Food Bowl

Food Bowl Manners

featuring Sky

Have dog in a light line at first if you think they’ll get distracted or if they get too excited by their bowl.

1. Teach your dog to “Sit” when you offer their bowl

After a few repetitions, put a few pieces of kibble in the bowl and try again.  With bowl in hand, say “sit” and reward by releasing with your “ok” to the bowl.

Slowly increase the time your dog must wait in a “sit” position to be release to the bowl.

Be patient, if your dog loves his food, start with the empty bowl so he gets the idea, if he loves food it will be hard for him to control himself at first, so as soon as he sits, bring the bowl down and release with your “ok” simultaneously.

2. Teach your dog that you approaching the bowl is a good thing.

Set the bowl of food down, and drop a very yummy treat in the bowl. After a few repetitions, she should start anticipating the treat as you reach in and might actually look up. At this point, you are ready to move to the next stage.

Set the bowl down, as she eats, move away, and return to drop a yummy treat in the bowl, then move away again.  Return, drop a treat, move away, etc. You are looking for your dog to WANT you to approach while they eat!

3. Teach your dog that good things happen when you take the bowl away.

Once your dog is happy with you approaching and reaching for the bowl, its time to take it away.  Pick up the bowl, drop a very yummy treat and put it back down.  You can do a few repetitions of this, and also move away after giving the bowl back, so your dog gets used to the idea that he might get a “surprise” when you remove the bowl.

Another technique, is to only put a handful of their meal in the bowl at a time, wait for them to eat it and look to you for more.  Basically you are teaching your dog to ASK you to approach the bowl and pick it up. Set their bowl down with a handful of kibble, after they finish eating wait for them to look at you, as soon as they do approach and pick up the bowl, place another handful and repeat the exercise until you finish the meal.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll end up with a dog that waits patiently for their food and that loves it when you take the bowl away!

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