Fall Camp – Encore!

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We were very gratified with the response we had to this extra Camp session! Out of 17 campers, 16 came to celebrate in our Encore Session. #17, Ms. Tiny the Great Dane wanted to come but had a previous engagement.

As usual, the dogs got their morning meet and greet, and we were very happy to finally be able to have all 16 together playing at once! Such a large and diverse group of dogs, yet they all play well together and enjoy their romp time.

We gave ourselves a challenge after the play session. We decided to work on a group stay will all 16 dogs together and photograph them all at once. The kiddos came through for us with flying colors and I hope you guys can appreciate the enormity of this accomplishment! Just to give you guys a quick reminder: some of these dogs did not know Stay, were dog reactive or aggressive, and one of them had no previous training before camp!!! Quite a difference!

After a wonderful morning, we headed out on our fieldtrip. On the way there, we picked up some sandwiches for our lunch. We decided to head out to the gorgeous South Pointe Park at South Beach. We challenged the dogs with a “real life” scenario: a picnic! We divided up the dogs in small teams, and assigned them to one of our Camp Counselors for the day. “Dennis’s Big Girls” were Sadie, Peta and Kitty. “Sheyla’s A-Team” were Straya, Bella and Scout. “Ludo’s Posse” were Pancho, Endy and Branson. “Gus’s Designer Dogs” were Diva, Dude, Casper and Sassy. “Paulina’s Pooch Patrol” were Bo, Sofia and Delilah. The dogs were expected to relax together while we ate, then walk with us in those same Teams.

It was amazing to walk the Teams along the Beach path and see people’s reactions! There were strangers with dogs, bikes, skate boards, even surf boards and segways! If that weren’t enough, the landscaper crews were out so lots of golf carts, tractors, noises and equipment. All in all, great exposure for the pups. We didn’t quite make it to Ocean Drive but it was a nice, educational, long walk for the Campers anyway!

We again want to thank you for trusting us with your furry family! Stay tuned for details on our future camp sessions – we’d love to see everyone there again! Please keep practicing their basic behaviors and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays from the Dog Connection Team!

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  1. Who was having more fun at the South Beach walter park, the doggies or Paulina? Great pictures, as usual!

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