Friendship Camp # 4 + t.v. show

Dear Diva, Dude, Sassy, Casper, Delilah, Pancho, Kitty, Peta, Sadie, Bo, Sofia, Maddie and Scout ‘s owners and friends, your dogs did an amazing educational contribution on our tv show “hablando perro” on their last friendship camp; hopefully this will help thousand of pet owners to better understand their own dogs way of thinking and behaving.  THANK YOU!!!  You should be as proud as we are! They did fantastic in their “acting roles” and also behaved really good around all the production crew, equipments, lights, tripod, noises and camaras!

When the director asked us how many dogs were we planning to have during the shooting and we answered 14 ! he thought we were crazy! They were amazed of how good everybody got along with each other and all the people. From little one Sassy to our big girl Peta and all in between!!

It was a great opportunity to socialized and trained with major distraction: Prepared- one-two-three – action!! and of course the talented dogs had a lot of breaking-playing times and attention, everybody wanted to pet them !!

We finished the day and this camp by having a nice walk and lunch at Mary Brickell Village like a nice group of inter-species friends!

Until Next Camp, Next Week!!!

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