Spring Camp # 1-a

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We just started a new camp!! We can not tell you how happy we are.  Smiling.


It can be overwhelming to get yourself into a group that know each other for many camps, and even for life time, and Snoopy did Great.  All the dogs welcome him very nicely and Snoopy blended well into the pack.

For the first time we went to FreeSpirit Center and we have to say that the name match perfect the spirit of the campers while they were running and playing on the big south fenced land! This was a perfect way to start a new camp and the weather was ideal with the overcast sky, fresh and windy air and not rain or heat.

and after that…..Agility!!! ….. to be continue….

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  1. Can’t wait for the “to be continued” segment. And the pictures! Dude and Diva were so tired last night that they forgot all about “biscuit time”! Now that’s tired (and I can see Paulina’s big smile :o)!!)!! They ate immediately after getting home, went out for a successful walk and then just crashed at my feet by 8 PM. Even when I got up to go to bed and turned off all the lights, they stayed asleep in the living room, but were both on our bed this morning :o)! Good work Dog Connection team!

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