Happy Camp #4

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Real Life.

So for this camp we though ‘Let’s do the graduation in a busy scenario: Lincoln Road !! If we wanted distraction then this was paradise! So we had the entirely morning to do what “normal people” does when they go to a place like this: Walk, window shop, have a tea, conversation with people who by the way they were  amazed with our group, we even had a tv interview!!, also a woman came and left her dog with us while she went to buy her own coffee , and a mom with a beautiful baby joined us for a while! What a great day and way to practice our obedience and good manners. How lucky we are!!

We divided the campers in two groups so they had one an one session and worked in the areas they needed the most. We observed that some of the campers needed extra training around bicycles so we decided to have an intensive  bike, motorcycle, skateboard afternoon!

Finally the beautiful and well deserved play time to finish the day !

It is always hard to finish a Camp. It is so fantastic to see how dogs improved as the weeks passed by , how the new ones became part of the pack, and the shy/anxious ones developed more confidence . And of course, how much fun we had together!!! We want to thanks all of you – we are so “happy” to hear all your comments about how your dogs are behaving better and enjoying their time with us. Yeah!

We all love doggie camp !!

Until next one!

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