Summer Camp 2nd Edition!!!

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We had a great Summer’s day camp !
We want to welcome our new campers Charlie and Buddy.
Welcome back to the rest of the pack  🙂 
FreeSpirt Center was the perfect place to have our first session. The huge fence field gave the campers the opportunity to meet, greet and connect with each others. It was also excellent for those dogs who loves to run run run & play –  a great way to get rid of of your dog’s excess energy. At the end of the day, everybody was relax and happy interacting with the whole group. 
Then Agility!!! 
Agility is always fun. It is one of the activities that campers like the most. Aside from being entertained, dog agility training makes your dogs vigourus and alert. There is always a new challenge that sharpens their mind and body improving their coordination, making this fun-filled activity ideal to help your dogs to become more confidents. 
Agility is great to develop even further the bond between your dogs and us and continue improving our relationship. Training teamwork nurtures a good communication, improves obedience and behavior and allows us to have fun together!

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  1. WOW we all miss you guys! Sassy needs her bookends! Love from the D family

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