Doggie Camp @ Human Mall (video)

Yes! It is good and fun to change routine, visit new places and have different experiences. Isn’t it?

That’s one aspect of why we do  new activities during camp days, but another reason even more important is to teach your dogs how to generalize a command in a variety of environments around a variety of distractions.

Generalization is the ability to apply knowledge to situations “in general”. And the ability of our dogs to automatically apply knowledge to new situations is more limited and challenging than ours. Dogs are very good reading our body language in certain context, but the moment we do some changes, then they are not always sure how to respond.

So, Generalization is the ability to apply a concept to a situation different from the one it was initially learned in.The key to generalization is variability.

Our goal is to teach your dog that a cue and its associated behavior apply in any environment, that is why we love to train in many locations beside it is really fun to go to Merrick Park with 14 dogs wearing bandanas (paleacates in “mexicano”) and observe how much attention and smiles they create on people “in general”!

We finished the day with an always needed practice of obedience around motorcycles, bikes and skateboards.

Very good !!!

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  1. ok, I need to have Christina take Maddie “shopping” at Neiman Marcus! Without Wade I think, maybe she will behave…Maddie that is not Christina. Thanks for the video.

  2. What can I say? WE MISS YOU! Can’t imagine the D’s in Neiman Marcus. Even I’m dangerous in that store! We’ll see you soon!

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