“Estas son las mañanitas que cantaba el rey David, a los muchachos bonitos….”

This camp was a celebration of Pancho (2) and Buddy (3) birthdays. Somehow, we knew that they will both be agree that playing fetch at the beach will be a perfect birthday party and if on top of that they will share with their friends then that could be a woof wow day! So, that’s what we did !

When  kids go to a b-day party they don’t do homework they only enjoy the day with their best friends like our campers did  but it is also true that is a good opportunity  to show their  good manners. 🙂

Sometimes we forget to “just” enjoy the company of our best friends, to just play the games they like the most, to just share our love, just bond with each other…. “Just” is so “Huge” when we talk about relationships.

Somehow we know what they like the most because we connect with each one of our /your dogs. What they like the most, what they are afraid, who they prefer, what they adore and what they would choose not to do. We can put our feet in their paws!

We believe in the power of connection that’s why yesterday we did not only celebrate their b-days, but we also celebrate our friendship!

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  1. Buddy had the best birthday ever!! Thank you, Dog Connection team!

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