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Welcome New Campers!!!

We love that we have a whole new group for you to enjoy, learn, share, grow and become a Good Canine Citizen!

Now you have officially your own pack!  that will help you to learn how to greet, play and work around your own specie and  you’ll be relax, confident and behave correctly around other dogs that are not  your classmates.

At the same time you will learn that there are times to play, but also there are times to pay attention and be calm and focus in others activities, even, there is tons of distractions!!

We promise that we will help you to communicate better between you and humans. (we will teach you some tricks -manners – behaviors that will make your human family very happy, but shhh, don’t share this secret yet!)  We will teach you some commands, but don’t worry this will be easy and fun!, also during camps you will have time to explore, run free, play as much as you want, and do new sports like agility . Whole day dedicated to you!

We are so happy to have you as part of our Dog Connection Family !!


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