Le Petit “Agility” Camp (video)


Yeah ! we had our second petit camp session an it was a big success.
Our campers were  so excited to arrive, meet and play with their new friends.

We spent all day at the agility center and we had a triathlon ” obedience – agility – socialization”

What a better place to train that under the shade of a beautiful tree surround by friends. Some obedience: heal, sit and downs to warm up before  the big event of the day: agility!!

Agility gives the dogs confidence and help them be more sure about themselves when they learn a new obstacle, or jump, climb or run into a tunnel. They are learning to use their body and to overcome their fears. It is great socialization and the dogs seem to think its super fun!!  It also helps us bond with our campers and develop a relationship based on trust. It is a new experience that we share and enjoy together and added bonus is that it makes their obedience training better and they Love It!!

And finally a huge land to play and run free!!  We can already see how our dog’s greeting and playing behaviors are improving around the pack!

Thanks Christ for allowing us to train at  your FreeSpirt Center – our young campers loved it and as always, we did too!!

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