Le Petit Camp a la Plage !


For our training and field trip we headed on to Key Biscayne for a beautiful and fun beach day. The day was sunny and bright, and the waters were calm and clear – a PERFECT beach day! The dogs got to walk in the shore, play in the sand, practice some training and manners in a new environment !  For many of our campers this was their first time at the beach!!  Some showed quite a talent for swimming, and others were VERY enthusiastic if not too graceful! It was a fun and educational day for them, and us :-D

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  1. Brian McGuinness

    “Sun is shining and the weather is sweet” just about describes it…looks like another successful learning and fun day for all!

  2. A day of fun at the beach with Dog Connection! How wonderful it all looks! And the cameraman/woman catches it all with style.

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