Le Petit Camp with La Petite trainer at South Beach

We had Graduation Day  –  Time DOES fly when you are having fun!

Wow, what I busy day we had ! Perfect weather, happy campers, and lots of activities made for a fun filled day.

First, we went to Flamingo Park with our full pack of Campers. Though working in a pack is definitely a skill we want our Campers to master, there is quite a bit of difference in their behaviors when they are in a pack versus when we work them individually or in their “family groups”.
When dogs are in groups or packs, some of their personality can be a little suppressed, as can some of their fears. A dog that is shy, fearful or reactive will often follow the lead of its pack mates or feel safer with them around, and not react or exhibit fearful behaviors.

There we had an obedience session and then we went to the doggie park to put some energy out. After play break, it was time for some “real life” experiences.

We all went together to a nice open grass area and had a picnic with our camp members!

A Petit Camp would not be complete without the help of our Petit Trainer::  Lien a very dog savvy three year old. Lien was a great socialization and fun experience for our campers.  Some were initially unsure with this new experience, but all were happily taking treats from her and very well behaved around her.

Thanks to Mom Zura (who was also our photographer for today!) and her baby Robyn who also enjoyed having picnic with all our campers. It is very important to take the time to introduce our young dogs to petit humans!!

Lunch was a good exercise for our campers as they had to be really close by the food but still behave and control themselves. No begging was allowed!

Finally, We headed to Lincoln Road so we could walk around the stores, socialize them, and do some short training sessions. The Campers were a SENSATION! People would stop us to pet them and take pictures. They really caused a commotion!

The dogs all did GREAT and handled themselves extremely well. Strangers greeted us, petted the dogs and of course complimented us on such nice dogs!!!

We would like to thank all of our Campers for joining us in this journey, and of course to you, their families, for taking such good care of them and for trusting us with their care and training.

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  1. I want to be a dog and play with Dog Connection. Who is the darling little girl who looks like she will be a dog trainer when she grows up? She’s a natural! The photos and videos are GREAT! The accompanying music made me want to dance.

  2. I love the video! Thanx Pau! and to Linda, I’m the proud mother of that beautiful girl 😉


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