Grand Camp @ SoBe


South Beach it is one of the best sites to expose our campers to a lot of situations: dogs, bicyclettes, “people”, noises…  If that was not enough we were lucky to practice our obedience around two groups that were doing their tour!

Everything that happens during the day is part of the training… from getting into an elevator with all their fellow campers to walk nicely at Lincoln road, from doing some down stays in-front of the camera to playing free in a dog park…

Going from control-obedience to freedom-playfulness and back ! 🙂

Interacting with strange people and dogs out of their pack.

We can not be more proud of your dogs!

We are really a multi-specie family learning and having fun!

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  1. The Petit Campers @ Lincoln Road was a great socialization class, and everybody that you and the dogs met along the way enjoyed it as well. I liked the part with the segways, and also the dogs encountering the dancing waters was fun. Thanks again, or should I say, “merci?”

  2. Magnifique! Where is the park with the water fountains ?
    My dog Bodeeee – she is very French – loves the water as you know!

  3. Charles Pelegrin



  4. ooooh la la!!! Those lucky pups!!
    What a nice group of dogs, having fun and learning so much.
    Tres Bién!!!!!!!!
    XXX Claudia (mére de Mason)

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