Le Petit Camp at Pine Tree Park

We discovered a new beautiful place  to do our camp day!

It has a doggie fence area for playing  and also plenty of other shade spaces for training and exploring.

During this camp we did more advance obedience and also we focus in manners.

We practiced some greet exercise to remind all  our campers that they do not need to jump to say hi!  🙂

We finished the day reviewing more good manners and we had pizza while your dogs were free. Doing this practice we were able to correct any jumping and begging plus we were able to evaluate if any behavior change for having food around or being under a picnic table.

We are so happy and proud with the outcome of this camp sequence. We can observe our campers being every week more and more socials, obedient and comfortables with different environment. To continue being “our petit good canine citizens”  it is essential to remain practicing  through experiences.

Thanks for allowing them and us to be part of this journey and we hope to see you all back in Spring!

Posted on March 13, 2013, in News. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Excellent video. Could tell Dude was a little lost without his sister but he was happier with you guys and his friends than home alone. Thanks so much for the TLC you gave him. Diva will be back, along with her brother of course, for your next session I’m sure!!

  2. Murrell & Craig

    Loved this again! especially the manners part 🙂 I’m smiling at all the sweet doggies…can’t wait for our Amber to be in the next Le Petit Camp 🙂

  3. Madison Addison Papir

    Love Blalock’s solo!

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