Le Grand Canine Good Citizen Practice

Wow! We had such a fantastic CGC practice and we are so proud of our campers !

We were looking for every opportunity to test our dogs during their practice: land mowers, gardeners, bicycles, a group of tourists from asia, police men, stroller, handicaps, ambulance, people doing exercise  and even an intense but small storm! Nothing stop us, we were rolling and enjoying our camp day. Our goal is to for make the obedience training fun for the dogs and for the handlers and always challenging for both parts and sure we did it !!

We want to thanks Erick Torres who was our Friendly Stranger and Groomer during our CGC trial. We couldn’t have better help as Erick has been a professional groomer and dog trainer for many years so it was easy for him to understand the dynamic and act according to the role he was doing during the whole camp. Thank you Erick!

Did you recognize who was your dog only by  his/her gaze ?

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  1. Maddie seem to be on her best behavior and not distracted or nervous around other people. When we have both Maddie and Wade with you next week I would like to see how Maddie reacts with Wade along on walks with other dogs, people etc. Thanks for your hard work and training.

    • Hi Mike,
      Yes, Maddie was really good and sure we will keep an eye when Wade is around….is wade coming to camp if we have camp when she is with us?
      Pls let me know.
      Thank you!!

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