Le Petit Camp: Training @ SOBE

Posted on August 28, 2013, in News. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. So fun to watch!!!

  2. Love the end where all the dogs lie down so obediently on their cushions

  3. se magnifique!!!!
    This was a fast paced exciting video. I loved the first scene with the dogs jumping up and over, Ludo posing/reclining for a photo shoot, and the last scene with all the dogs on cushions, as if awaiting their cocktails. Very cute.

  4. You should have texted me from SOBE, I would have visited with you guys.


    While you may click reply to this email
    My permanent email address is:

    • Next time for sure we will let you know!
      We missed Drago! How is the big boy?
      Ludovic will not be doing class on saturday as he is going to Guatemala to give a training seminar.

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