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Fall Camp #7 Agility & Training Fun

For this camp session we visited Paws in Motion’s agility training facility once again.  For many of our campers, Paws in Motion has quickly become a favorite field trip location, and they have advanced in their agility training quite nicely.  Some have started to master the Teeter Totter, DogWalk and Weavepoles which are quite advanced obstacles.  For some of our campers, like Bo and Sofia, we can easily say that Agility can be counted among their favorite camp activities – they definitely seem to be naturals at it!  For our newest campers, this was an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the equipment and learn to use their bodies. Its amazing to see some of our Giant Breed campers like Tiny, Branson, Kitty and Petta, learn to use their bodies and navigate the different pieces of equipment.  Agility definitely helps teach them confidence and coordination!

The Paws In Motion facility is very nice and air conditioned, plus it offers a safe enclosed space for the dogs to play and romp.  We decided to not only take advantage of the agility equipment, but also take the time to practice some manners and obedience training with the whole group of campers at once.  We also took short one-on-one training breaks with each dog to work on specific issues that were unique to them.  It was a wonderful and educational day.  After all that training, the pups had a chance to play and socialize with each other.  We decided to separate them into different groups, so we could work with them during the play sessions.  A very important lesson for every dog, is to be able to respond to commands, even under high levels of arousal, and what is more arousing than playing with their fellow campers? We made sure to let them romp and wrestle, then step in and call them off to practice some sits, and downs, to make sure they could respond and lower their arousal levels.

All in all, a wonderful fun filled day!  I think you will all enjoy the pictures and videos that Paulina has prepared.  Finally, we would like to thank Tracy Hannah from Paws in Motion for allowing us use of her wonderful facility and equipment – Camp certainly wouldn’t be the same without it!!!

Well Trained Working Dogs :-) – updated with video

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Yesterday, Sheyla Gutiérrez from the Dog Connection training team was in St. Petersburg, FL filming a commercial with three of her dogs: Minnie the Pug, Fanta the 9 month old Border Collie, and her “borrowed dog” Dealer the 9 year old Border Collie.  For Dealer, who’s owned by her friend Annette Alfonso, TV work and even movie work is a fairly common thing, but though Minnie had been on TV shows before, this was her first time working in a commercial.  For baby Fanta, this was her first job ever and a chance to show off some of her tricks and test how her training is coming along.  All dogs did remarkably well.  They had to drive more than 5 hours to get to St. Petersburg, stay at the Hilton Hotel there, then wait in their soft crates (quietly) for their turn during the day.   The filming was done in a Park setting, and then inside a house.  The park was full of joggers and people, and of course distractions.  The house was pretty crowded with people and equipment.  The dogs had several different behaviors to perform within these distractions, with Sheyla standing outside behind the camera.  Minnie got the best deal, as one of her scenes involved licking peanut butter off of the lead character’s face!  Dealer had to walk nicely on leash, while Fanta got to “play dead”.  All scenes were finished on time and according to the director’s wishes. This was only possible thanks to the dog’s training!  Everyone had a great time and the dogs got a lot of attention from crew and cast alike.  All in all, another memorable experience thanks to well trained working dogs 🙂

Dogs: The Incredible Dogs Show

During the month of October the Dog Connection Team will be part of “Dogs: The Incredible Dogs Show” which will be presenting in Miami under a big top tent at Bicentenial Park from Septemeber 28th thru October 23rd.  The show brings together several dog sports and entertainment spectacles to promote dog adoption and abuse prevention.  Sheyla has been part of the show since its inception in Puerto Rico in 2009 with her Border Collie Chill and Pug Minnie, and now that it’s coming to Miami, Ludovic and Paulina will be joining the Agility Teams with their Belgian Malinios Cronos.


Here’s the video promo for the show, from when it was held in Puerto Rico in 2009:


Since then, they have presented the show in Santo Domingo, Venezuela, Mexico and twice more in PR!!!!

If you’d like to see more information on the show you can visit their website at:

We are all looking forward to this fun adventure with our dogs!!!!

Lets hear it for our Summer Camp 2011 Graduate Class!!!!

With mixed feelings but proud hearts, The Dog Connection Team is happy to announce the conclusion of our first Summer Camp Session, and would like to congratulate our first Class of Campers for their wonderful behavior during camp.  These puppies did it all, from training in Dog Agility, to working their obedience in busy Kennedy Park, to shopping at Metta, Lunch at fancy restaurants and assisting to a special pool party at Bo & Sofia’s home.  All while demonstrating perfect manners and showing everyone what excellent company an obedient dog provides!!!! A HUGE Thank You goes out to the owners of Kitty the Mastiff, Sofia & Bo the Portugese Water Dog Siblings, Scout the Yellow Lab, Pancho the Chocolate Lab, Lucky the Pug, Branson the German Shepherd, Diva & Dude the Cocker-Poodle Twins, Sasy the Mini Poodle, Casper the Weinmaraner and Delilah the Boxer for trusting us with these very special members of their families!  It was a pleasure to spend time with these guys, take them to new and exciting places and see their happy faces when they tried something new!!!!  We hope to have many Dog Connection Camps to come, but this first class will forever be special!!! Thanks for joining us in this new and exciting program – we are looking forward to seeing everyone on the next one!  We would also like to thank the businesses and facilities that welcomed us and this crowd of dogs into their space with a smile on their face and often water bowls for each Camper – we are very proud to say there is still costumer service in Miami 🙂

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More CONGRATULATIONS for Rexy!!!!!

Rexy the Golden Mix and his family deserve even MORE congratulations for having been accepted into the Canine Assisted Therapy Program!!!!  After his positive evaluation from Dog Connection and having successfully passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluation, Rexy will now work as a Therapy Dog, visiting patients and bringing a change of scenery and hopefully a smile to their day.  Good Luck Rexy – you make us VERY proud!!!!

Canine Assisted Therapy sent us the following letter for our help with Rexy:

Hi Paulina,

Thank you so much for this detailed response! This helps us tremendously. I am very thankful that you were willing to test Rexy so thoroughly and were able to determine that he does not appear to be aggressive. We just needed to be sure and having your professional opinion means a great deal to us.
I hope that all is going well with you and that we will see you soon.

Debra M. Berger
Executive Director954.990.5175.Office

3554 NE 12th Avenue
Oakland Park, FL 33334

THANK YOU Canine Assisted Therapy, work like yours is VERY much needed in the world and we are happy to help such a great program!!!!
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